Colleen Haggerty shares her journey to motherhood in her recently published book, A Leg to Stand On, An Amputee’s Walk into Motherhood.


Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Clifford who directed the new documentary – Children of the Civil Rights, and Ayanna Najuma who was one of the original children who took part in the sit-ins in Oklahoma City for six years. Julia tells us what kept her motivated to finish her film, and Ayanna discusses what it was like for her to prepare and participate in the sit-ins. They talk about the resilence and strength of children in the nonviolent protest, and how they are coaching young people to effectively make changes now.


Ayanna is the little girl sitting at the counter in this picture.

In another recent interview, I talked to Becca Tabor about Sustainable Connections Food and Farming program, which has many different events and ways of supporting sustainable agriculture in our community. Her enthusiasm for the programs is contagious !

These interviews will be airing at the end of this month.  Stayed tuned for dates and times.

My interview this month is with Arlene Feld work who is a mental health provider in Whatcom County. She works with the mentally ill as well as people with substance abuse and with a combination of the two. She has a through understanding of how the mental health system works in Whatcom County and she has some surprise answers as to what would help the mentally ill. She also has some solid treatment ideas such as facilities that could provide up to a year of treatment for substance abuse. She believes that when a person has used drugs for an extended amount of time, say 40 years, they need longer term treatment than a month or two to turn their lives around. She also delves into homelessness in Whatcom County because so many mentally ill people are homeless. As hopeless as the situation for the mentally ill feels as time, Arlene has great hope for the people she serves.


Shannon and Christy Fox in their kitchen





securedownloadThere is an art to creating good chocolate and Christy and Shannon Fox are masters of developing delectable chocolate truffles. In this interview they share their love of creating unique and flavorful truffles using local ingredients – beer truffles anyone? They also discuss their partnership and the inspiring ecovillage they are creating in Whatcom County.

Amy Woodfin answers that question in my interview with her on Sunday January 5, 2014 on Spark Radio 102.3FM, or check out the podcast right here. She is a manager on the Community Emergency Response Team and received the Governor’s Volunteer Award for her work in moulage. This unusual specialty could land her a job in Hollywood ,and yet, she remains dedicated to her work her in Whatcom County.


Good Morning, today on my show is the charming Jo Dereske. She talks about the end of the Miss Zukas series, which takes place in a the familiar town of Bellhaven. She also describes what it is like to self publish. Tune in KMRE 102.3FM or listen to the podcast, right here on the blog. 

Jill MacIntyre Witt

Jill is an inspirational activist. She was instrumental in getting the Bag Reduction Ordinance passed to bring attention to Bellingham. Her larger interest  is climate change. She believes that we need more buzz in the community, everyone needs to talk about it to bring attention to the crisis before it’s too late.